You are a :

  • Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Researcher
  • Writer
  • Student
  • Custom software provider
  • Ecco Pro user

You are looking for a :

  • All-in-one information management solution
  • Rich-text one-pane outliner
  • Two-pane outliner with rich text editor
  • Calendar, Contact and Task manager
  • Gantt chart based Project Management
  • Flexible and easy to use database
  • CRM Software Solution
  • "Getting Things Done" (GTD) solution
  • Pen-enabled tool with Ink documents and handwriting recognition input

You need the InfoQube Information Management System, the most advanced Windows outliner, capable of managing all your information.

With InfoQube you can:

  • Full-featured Calendar  
  • Scribble and brainstrom using Ink Documents 
  • Organize your information in hierarchy (i.e. an outline) with or without a data grid
  • Assign any number of user-defined values
  • Manage all your info (text, numbers, lists, web, contacts, tasks, notes)
  • These values can be displayed in a grid (with the outline) and/or in forms
  • Filter and sort your information to show just what you want
  • Enter work done on projects and automatically generate invoices, summary reports (revenues per year, per project, etc.)
  • Quickly search and find your information. Now supports Google-like syntax
  • Share this information with co-workers. Multi-user simultaneous editing is built-in! MS Word and Excel users can read and use your IQ data
  • Quickly create databases supporting equations
  • Generate summarizing tables and charts
  • Manage project schedules with built-in Gantt charts 
  • Use Microsoft Word or free Blocknote for advanced rich-text editing
  • Task dependencies : only show tasks that you can do right now
  • Conditional formats : Highlight text, number based on values (e.g. -ve numbers in red, tasks late)
  • Drag-drop web clippings / links using a system-wide shortcut. Quick-Note GTD access with rich-text info
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox and Thunderbird extensions to quickly grab web and email content. Universal Clipper for other apps. 
  • Export / email individual items or entire outlines
  • Pull data from external databases, local or remote
  • Totally Portable Not a scaled down version, but the full-featured one, on an USB stick. Does not require admin rights!
  • Mindmap-like Map View, to explore your IQBase