InfoQube comes in two flavors: Installed and Portable. Both have identical feature sets.
  • To use the Portable flavor (runs on Win XP, Vista and Windows 7-10) :
    1. Download the InfoQube Portable Zip file (link below)
    2. Extract to any non-protected folder (local HD or portable).
      So do not copy IQ Portable to the Program Files folder !!!
    3. Start InfoQube.exe (you'll likely want to create a shortcut, right-click on the file)
    4. Requires no admin rights !, you can now run InfoQube even in the most restricted environments (i.e. the workplace)

  • To use the Installed flavor (runs on Win XP and up, Mac and Linux in Windows emulation) :
    1. Download the InfoQube Installer file (link below)
    2. Unzip and run setup.exe.
More detailed installation information is available here.

Web clipping Extension for both Internet Explorer and Firefox can be installed.
For other browsers and applications, you can use the Universal Clipper. Details here.

Email Import for Thunderbird can also be installed. Details here.

Inquiries can be sent to or through forum postings

Title Description
InfoQube 0.9.110Pre6
2018-10-15 15h00
InfoQube 0.9.110Pre6 Patch
(if you have Portable v110Pre4 installed)
2018-10-15 15h00
InfoQube 0.9.109g
2018-09-25 20h00
Help file
InfoQube help file is now a separate download. Copy in the application AppData folder.
Book Review Sample Sample
IQ as a Relational Database: Book Review Dashboard. Details here  2017-07-12
Issue tracking Sample
InfoQube can link to an external database and sync with it.
Connects to the InfoQube Mantis Feature request / Bug tracking database. Details here
You need to download and install the mySQL ODBC driver (version 3.51).
Documentation can be found here.

n.b. all times are EDT (GMT-4 or UTC-4)