Calendar: InfoQube includes a full-featured calendar:
  • Day view, showing 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days
  • Week, Month and Year views
  • Can show Appointments, but also Birthdays, Tasks, Milestones
  • Items have durations, automatically shown on each item in the Calendar.
  • Items can be scheduled (i.e. have times) or not
  • Calendar item subject, date/time and duration can be modified in the Calendar but also in grids and in the Properties pane.
  • Items can be moved from Scheduled to Non-scheduled areas, and the em duration is not lost (unlike other major calendars). See demo.
2-D Surface InfoQube now includes an advanced 2-D Surface:
  • Infinite size, Zoom In / Out. Mouse-wheel and Touch support
  • Add / Remove / Edit items on the surface
  • Move items and sub-items, Expand / Collapse
  • Drag out a sub-item to create a Linked item
  • Customizable (size, colors, line types, etc)
  • Supports Rich Text for both Items and Links
2-pane Grid: InfoQube can be used as a 2-pane outliner / notetaker:
  • The outline supports rich-text formatting
  • Each item in the outline has an associated rich-text word-processing document
  • The document is saved in HTML or MHT formats
  • The document can written from scratch, from local files, sections of web pages or full-page web capture.
  • The word processor can be used to create / modify the content
  • Documents can be edited using external word processors (i.e. MS Word, other)
  •  Supports MarkDown and Ink (handwriting)
  • Hoist 1 or more items
1-pane Grid (Ecco Pro-like): InfoQube can also be used as a single-pane rich text outliner with or without columns:
  • Items can be arranged in an outline and be assigned values.
  • There are no limits to the outline levels or to the number of user-defined values.
  • Values can be of Text, Date, Number or Yes/No types. 
  • Items can link to other item, web pages, other grids
Supports Rich Text in all text cells:
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-through
  • Any font face and sizes
  • Foreground and background colors
  • Images and icons
  • Hyperlinks to other items, files, web pages

 Project Management: Task-oriented grids can display Gantt charts:
  • Projects are divided in tasks / sub-tasks
  • Each task is assigned Start dates, End dates, Effort, %done values
  • These can be set using the outlining grid (in-cell editing) or by manipulating the chart using the mouse
  • Task relationships can be created, simply by dragging an item bar onto another
  • Task can be colored based on status / lateness
  • Each item can have an HTML document associated
  • Each item can have any number of sub-items, project notes, etc
 Contact Management: You can use InfoQube to manage your contacts:
  • Enter contact information using the Grid or the Contact form
  • Quickly locate contacts using Quick-find toolbar, auto-search and filter-on-type
  • Organize your contacts as sub-items of Companies. Tree-view and flat view
    • ABC Systems
      • Sam Simon
      • Mary Smith
  • Built-in phone dialer will find and propose all phone numbers in the contact and parents of
  • Enter contact history directly under the contact
  • Single-click email
  • Programmable to flag contacts needing call backs, follow ups
 Task Management is easy with InfoQube:
  • Add due dates to any item or note
  • Tasks color can be set as deadlines approach
  • 1-click to mark tasks done
  • Add task dependencies so tasks don't show until previous task is marked done
  • Filter to only a subset of a project tasks (i.e. not done, assigned to me, late, etc)
  • Automatically sort and/or group tasks (lateness, priority, assigned to)
  • You can control how long tasks marked as done are shown (never, 1 day, 1 week, etc)
InfoQube can be used to manage billable work done and invoices:
  • Enter work done each day on which project (start, duration or end)
  • Quickly calculate running total of hours
  • Enter invoice details and:
    • Compute invoice taxes and total
    • Design professional-looking invoices (HTML pane is used as the WYSIWYG invoice editor)
    • 1-click to mail-merge the invoice details to generate invoices
    • Print / email the invoices
    • Use OWC pivot table to compute monthly totals
Spreadsheet-like: InfoQube handles numbers too: 
  • Create numeric fields
  • Enter field equations. These will automatically be applied as you enter values
  • Automatically compute hierarchy totals
  • Great for writing proposals
  • Use built-in functions or write your own using the included VBScript syntax highlighting editor

Powerful search and filter features: InfoQube helps you find information quickly:
  • Live search as you type). Finds a text string, regardless of where it is
  • Advanced search:
    • Search for numbers, dates
    • Supports operators AND, OR, >, <, etc
  • Filter by date using the DateFilter toolbar, making it a powerful journal
  • Custom filters for each grids, supporting all SQL syntax

Map View to explore your IQBase
  • Allows navigation in your IQBase
  • Automatic placement of items (i.e. nodes), to optimally fill the displayed window
  • Print and Print-preview
  • Supports the multiple parent feature of IQ
  • User-selectable item colors
  • Icons showing items with rich-text contents or links to web pages