What donations are used for... and what they entitle you to get... 

Donations have contributed to the purchase of components and subscriptions used by InfoQube.

New features recently released thanks to your donations are:

  • Gantt chart
  • Full featured Calendar, including sync with Google Calendar
  • Conversion HTM to MHT to enable advanced editing through MS Word
  • 2-D Surface view

Donations of $30 USD or more are considered pre-release sales and entitle you to :

  • a non-expiring* Personal licence
  • a receipt for income tax deductions.

Contact us for details.


*: When non-licensed, versions have expiration dates, typically 90 days after each release. Once expired, you have read-only access to your data and you can export it. You cannot add new information. Simply download the latest beta to extend usage for another 90 days !