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  • Consultant

  • Project Manager

  • Researcher

  • Writer

  • Student

  • Custom software provider

  • Ecco Pro user

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InfoQube Information Management can manage all your information

With InfoQube, you can:

    • Manage your schedule using the full-featured Calendar

    • Sync your Calendars and Tasks with Google services

    • Scribble and brainstrom using Ink Documents

    • Freely arrange items on the new 2D IQ Surface

    • Manage project schedules with built-in Gantt charts

    • Be trendy and write rich text documents using Markdown

    • Dashboard-like view with flexible multiple pane views

    • Organize your information in hierarchy (i.e. an outline) with or without a data grid

    • Manage all your info (text, numbers, lists, web, contacts, tasks, notes)

    • Assign any number of user-defined values

    • These values can be displayed in a grid, as columns and/or in forms

    • Filter and sort your information to show just what you want

    • Enter work done on projects and automatically generate invoices, summary reports (revenues per year, per project, etc.)

    • Quickly search and find your information supporting Google-like syntax

    • Share this information with co-workers. Multi-user simultaneous editing is built-in! MS Word and Excel users can read and use your IQ data

    • Quickly create databases supporting equations

    • Generate summarizing Pivot Tables and charts

    • Use Microsoft Word or free Blocknote for advanced rich-text editing

    • Task dependencies : only show tasks that you can do right now

    • Conditional formats : Highlight text, number based on values (e.g. -ve numbers in red, tasks late)

    • Drag-drop web clippings / links using a system-wide shortcut. Quick-Note GTD access with rich-text info

    • Universal Clipper to quickly grab web and email content and other apps

    • Export / email individual items or entire outlines

    • Pull data from external databases, local or remote

    • Totally Portable Not a scaled down version, but the full-featured one, on an USB stick. Does not require admin rights!