A helping hand...

InfoQube IM is currently free to download and use. Each version is fully functional for 90 days, after which time it turns to read-only mode. Simply download an updated version to get another free 90 days.

Licensing details

Initial release is planned for Q2 2023

In the meantime, if you've seen what can be done with InfoQube and think it has a great potential, perhaps you'd like to give us a helping hand... You certainly can:

  • Donate $30 USD or more and we will email you a Personal License !
    The email will be sent within 24 hrs. Check your spam folder if you don't see it.
    If you do not receive your license, please contact us directly.
    (PayPal account not required. All major credit cards are accepted)

  • Participate in the Community forums

  • Contribute to the Documentation

  • Spread the word on how great and unique InfoQube is, to friends and in other forums

  • Looking for a simpler UI with only the outliner + columns ?
    Checkout the new IQ Outliner. Plus, it's totally free !!

To date, over 350 licenses have been issued

Thanks for your continued support !